Andrej pejic dating remy

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Doesn't matter what anyone say doesn't matter what the scary internet so called hard ppl say hidden behind there computer screens say! How'd you manage to find your way to my little profile here? Little bit about me, the aspiring writer/artist and "mystery woman" known only to you as "Kattriella".Remy, however, seems content to watch Sven from afar, trying to focus on his education and proving to the "jocks" that seem to hate him that sports won't get you everywhere in life. Most of the things that will happen in this story have a meaning. Believe it or not, Remy's love of jellyfish even has meaning, which will be explained in the story.Things are further complicated when the German catches our little protagonist stalking him in the library one day. What will happen when Sven finds out about Remy's "issues"? Some are obvious, some are not, some will be explained, some won't . I really hope you enjoy it, and even if you don't, I hope you take something away from it.I enjoy random PMs, even if you don't have something to actually say to me.

I am also a perfectionist and majorly OCD, so if you see a mistake with anything I post, and I do mean ANYTHING, even if it's just leaving out a comma or forgetting a letter in a word, don't be afraid to tell me.

After a terrible accident, a young man is left in a cryogenic sleep for more than two centuries, only to awaken to find that people have been buying, selling, and playing God with his body!

He is (rather bluntly) informed that he has been turned into a cyborg, to work for a program that eliminates strange, otherworldly creatures.

Spell Check, bless its soul (yes, it has a soul, deal with it), doesn't always catch everything, and I can't stand reading through something six months after I wrote it and realizing that I misspelled one word that didn't get noticed because it's technically another word. )The Librarian (name may change at a later date): Posted: April 22, 2012Status: In-Progress Rating: Mature (M)Warnings: homosexual relationship between males, stalking, lemon scenes, mentions of abuse and incest, suicidal thoughts/actions, cutting, derogatory language towards homosexuals (I do not approve of such language, by the way.), and a pitiful attempt at a German accent Extra Warning: CLICHE STORY IS CLICHE!

POV (Point of View): First person, singular, but switches between characters Summary: STORY IS BEING REWORKED.

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