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Every man alive under the age of 45 with a functional penis, gay or straight, watches porn and jerks off to it.In fact, if your husband isn’t watching porn and jerking off to it you should be concerned because odds are he’s into some really freaky secret shit. Strip club I understand why some women are opposed to the strip club, but I think that’s overly controlling as well.Now I am in no way advocating married guys to have relationships with strange women on the internet, but it does seem odd that some women are cool with their husbands watching porn and in some cases even going to a strip club.So this sparks our highly contested debate of, “Why is it more socially acceptable to go to a strip club and watch porn than having a woman perform a strip tease via the internet?If you’re watching a webcam girl you are interacting live with another woman for your sexual gratification and it’s taking place, probably, inside your home address.That seems much closer to getting a Snap from a girl or naked pictures or having a raunchy Face Time session than watching a porn or getting a lap dance in a strip club.And you’re asking for her to do specific things as a way to enhance your sexual gratification.

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That is, you go to the strip club to go to the strip club and then you leave that life behind when you’re not there.So I need to ask, if you girls send nudes, what are you expecting back?I just send back smoking hot emoticons back, am I doing this wrong?If you’re in a strip club, unless it’s a really freaky and/or high end strip club that also doubles as a brothel, your boyfriend or husband probably isn’t giving specific instructions during the lap dance.And if he is, the stripper probably isn’t listening and she’s just doing her normal lap dance routine.

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