Cellvalidating in datagridview in c massachuttes dating

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However, for conditional formatting code, I don't see much other way for it to remain in Data Grid View's related-code (or in a class derived from Data Grid View to abstract it).

I'm using Cell Value Changed currently on a grid with custom validation and have had no problems with display or anything else.

Data Grid View Cell Event Args) _ Handles data Grid View1. Using Windows Authentication (also known as integrated security) is a more secure way to control access to a database.

Dim adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(select Command, connection String) Dim data As New Data Table() data. Storing sensitive information, such as a password, within the connection string can affect the security of your application.

I used this event because I wanted to fire off a certain order of events, but only when the user changes the value of a cell.

You can also build this example in Visual Studio by pasting the code into a new project.I think in the end it depends on what your validation needs are.In my case, Cell Value Changed has done what I wanted/needed.Setting Data Grid View's Datasource property should show you the grid with atleast the columns (in Grid View's heading) even when Data Table is empty. If you could paste the code that you use, it might help to debug.

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