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You can make an experiment and check up the link to the post yourself: If you cannot see it, don’t worry about your eye-sight – your eyes are okay, it is simply the post which is they are insulting in their forum – David or me. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about myself and even made screen shots of them for record-keeping.

It turns out that we are harassing the Arvizos and have been doing it for all over the internet and leave pages of comments about them (I wonder what we saying there? As a result of that they want to shoot us between our eyes (or we want to shoot them, I actually didn’t quite get it).

But we are also people who cannot afford to have our good reputation trashed in so outrageous a manner in which it is being done now by you and other haters in this forum.

You probably understand that by saying all those things in the posts linked above you absolutely crossed the line of the acceptable.

If they show any signs of turning human again I will certainly try to give them a helping hand to get them out of the hell they are living in – but at the moment they seem to feel comfortable enough while residing there. Hopefully this will be the first and For the attention of “vindicationfailedforwacko”: I am the admin of vindicatemj.blog and am writing here for the first and hopefully last time.Tracking any flunatic is as easy since they never leave the net not even to bathe. Another goal of the blog is to uncover REAL pedophiles who might be standing behind the life-long harassment of Michael Jackson as some materials we have found are indeed pointing in this direction. Making such insinuations is not only inappropriate but it is also totally illegal and even CRIMINAL. Why are you trying to talk sense into the senseless? Makes ya wonder who they are luring into their beds.Here are only some specimen of their science fiction about us – they come from a special “freaks at vindicatemj” thread: Surprisingly, the hater named “Murray is a hero” (!) lives in the same place as hater “vindicationfailedforwacko”.

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