Estella warren dating peter berg friends joey and rachel dating

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The actress was spotted with her man in plenty of the events together but she has not revealed anything about her dating periods nor about her dating events.

Caption: Estella Warner and her beau Peter Berg in the premiere of "Collateral" in 2004 The relationship of this pair lasted for about four years but unfortunately it took a turn as the actress split it in the year 2006.

Similarly, in the year 2002, she was rumored to have to date her co-star Jerry O Connell.

The feelings between the couple are said to have spared while filming the movie ' Kangaroo Jack' together.

The stalker is said to have been arrested shortly after that incident.

As posted by, the actress is reported to be single as of now and is not having any affair with any of her co-stars as most of her hook up so far has been with her co-stars.

There might be a tragic story hidden behind the breakup but as the actress, herself has not disclosed about it, it's pretty much unfair to self-assume.

So, whatever might have happened to their relationship she has really confined within herself from getting into all kinds of scandals which might have even put a black mark on her her acting career.

The talented women must possibly have the longest dating history and must also have a special man in her life.As published by TMZ on 13 July 2016, the actress was stalked and beaten by one of the strangers whose proposal was rejected by the star frequently.According to the lady, she claimed to have helped the man in decorating the boat, since then the actress was harassed, co-stars were beaten and threatened for life by sending annoying messages along with voice calls.The actress has not spoken a single word about the breakup nor has she clarified about the downfall of her relationship.Just after the break up with actor Jerry O Cornell the actress got involved with another actor Peter Berg in the year 2002.

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