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She bent over the desk and started reading the article we were answering questions on.As she bent over her blouse slipped down a bit exposing some cleavage.She reluctantly got out of her desk and walked over to my desk. This time as she bent lower, her big breasts looked like they were about to burst out of her bra!I took out my camera and once again put it on video.I replied “Nice try, I meant you should show your body more in class.Do you have a mini skirt” She replied “No.” “I want you wearing a mini skirt that ends well above your knees and a thong that matches it.

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Monday morning I got up quickly and rushed off to school. She tried to go on and teach the lesson but it was pretty obvious that none of us cared about English at the moment.During the course of doing some math I got distracted and started surfing the net. I started looking for some good videos when I stumbled upon something that caught my eye.It was a site where students posted sexy videos and pictures of their hot teachers. I quickly jacked off, and then I hatched a plan to get my own sexy teacher material from Mrs. The next day I walked into my English class with my cell phone handy. Lawson walked in wearing a plaid skirt that came down just below her knees and a blouse that was kind of low cut.On Friday I went home and I uploaded all of the material I had on to my computer and started making one long video. She was probably just asking me where I live so she could find out who I was.After I finished I found it to be much sexier than any of the videos on that website. And if the school found out of this I would be expelled for sure.

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