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The incident took place on Tuesday night, when a 35-year-old woman was injured after a high-speeding car rammed over her.The driver was allegedly a Sudanese student studying Bengaluru.Scolastica Muumini, 28-year-old, states that she always insists on using protection whenever she meets a new sex partner.But she does admit that it is difficult to convince men to wear protection.Gender inequality Researches have shown that women tend to become infected earlier because of a number of reasons including having great difficulty in negotiating safer sex because of gender inequality.If that is not enough, some women are said to be willing to accept sexual advances from men for a number of reasons including money and social advancement."I and my partner are currently not using any form of protection.

"I don't have that choice of telling my partner to start using condoms again because it might create tension in our relationship and I cannot risk doing that. I also have to admit that people these days are more relaxed about having sex without protection such as using condoms, or hardly think about contracting any sexually transmitted diseases because we often forget that we too are vulnerable to infections.

Women are disadvantaged owing to the outdated notion that in a relationship, a man makes major decisions.

Such a perception has seen women engage in sex with their partners without using protection for fear of disappointing their partner.

I was very lucky not to get pregnant, or contract any form of STD since I was sexually active and I was in several relationships," she recalls.

Sara, who is currently 36-years-old is one among many women who have at some point risked their lives by having unsafe sex exposing their health to STDs.

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