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"It's a very different character than she's played before," explained director Phil Traill, glad that the role of Mary gave Bullock enough space to wear a wig, tinker with her voice and create a wholly original character for herself. Tune in to check out exclusive clips from "Jennifer's Body" and "Ninja Assassin," your first look at "Clash of the Titans," a special appearance by Rain and a revealing exclusive interview with Megan Fox.

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This efficiency is no doubt why the CCN higher-ups haven’t yet seen a need to engage the resources of regional affiliates. The film sets up Howard as being Mary’s alternate love interest, since he actually likes her and has some common interests with her, but then changes its mind.

In the meantime, Howard has an old Gremlin that runs well enough, and he and Elizabeth are glad to help Mary do her cross-country stalking.

And because no annoying film is complete without unnecessary narration, Mary also provides voice-over commentary, usually trying to use crosswords as a metaphor for life.

Mary goes on a blind date with a man named Steve (Bradley Cooper), who turns out to be very handsome and nice, with a good career as a cameraman for the CCN cable news network, which is, for some reason, headquartered in Sacramento.

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When I am not watching “All About Steve,” I agree with most of America that Sandra Bullock is witty and effervescent and delightful. (She’s one of the film’s producers, too, so there’s no excuse.) When I am watching “All About Steve,” however, I cringe at how tone-deaf her performance is, how unfunny the semi-farcical situations are, how wasted the talented cast is. The director is Phil Traill, who’s made, I don’t know, some short films or something. If he goes on to do magnificent things, as plenty of directors have done after ghastly debuts, perhaps he will laugh with interviewers when they mention “All About Steve,” which is soon to join the pantheon of legendarily bad comedies."Until he realizes what he said and what actually happened." The misunderstanding begins when Cooper's Steve goes on a blind date with Bullock's Mary.She falls in love with him immediately — and when he's called away for work and innocently throws out the phrase "I really wish you could be there," she takes it way too literally.She is obviously not just “quirky” or “different,” but legitimately unstable.Let me tell you how things work at the CCN cable news network.

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