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Rak San Housing is a construction company, and Rak San Enterprise is a film production company.actress Choi Jung Yoon got the nickname "Chaebol daughter-in-law" after marrying Yoon Tae Jun of the E-Land Group in 2011.

Yoon had a brief stint as an idol group Eagle Five member back in the 1990s.

Actress Go Hyun Jung is perhaps the most popular actress who married into a chaebol family.

Her marriage with a man from Samsung family lasted 8 years.

“To be absolutely honest, Rain and I naturally talk about marriage because we're in a relationship,” she said, “But we've never planned or taken any specific actions towards it.”3.

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Her grandfather was a Hagen Daaz's Korean branch CEO. Baek, a United States citizen, had married her ex-boyfriend to help him avoid the military duties, according to sources.3.Yang is also a judge on Mnet‘s girl group survival show Honorable Mentions1.Lee Jung Jae The real-life heiress Lee Se Ryung comes out of her Porche with boo Lee Jung Jae, rocking a Hermes Birkin and a floor-length fur coat. Jeon Ji Hyun Actress Jeon Ji Hyun married Choi Joon Hyuk, a banker at Bank of America, in 2012.The heir will receive an estimate of over 4 billion USD as inheritance, according to sources.3.

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