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I have always cherished SNSD and will continue to do so in the future. Jessica Jung October 1, 2014 The K-media is working overtime to dig into all the reasons for why Jessica was unceremoniously booted from SNSD, and that’s the only way to explain things because of the way it went down.

Here are all the various media and/or fan speculations on why SM pushed Jessica out of SNSD: 1.

In May 2016, she made her solo singing debut with the single, "I Just Wanna Dance." In October 2017, she didn't resign her contract under SM Entertainment, previously mentioning plans of studying and later starting an acting career in the USA.

Her future activities with Girls' Generation currently remain in question.

She got a step closer with the launch this past August of her linebacked by Tyler.

That made some or all the other members envious she was doing well outside of the group and/or annoyed she was way more into the fashion line than being an idol. Money, money money, it all came down to SM being unable to come to agreement with Jessica and her side about how to split the proceeds from Blanc.

" —Tiffany Stephanie Young Hwang, (born August 1, 1989) also known by her Korean name, Hwang Mi-young and better by her stage name, Tiffany, is an American singer and actress.

Prior to BLANC launching, I received confirmation and permission to do business and even received congratulations from the members.

SM felt that Blanc’s success would be riding on the coattails of Jessica being an SNSD member hence SM should have a bigger cut of the pie.

"Just remember that your practice will not betray you, believe in the effort that you have put and believe that you'll be able to do till the end!

I want to apologize for causing much worry to the fans even though this wasn′t my intention.

I ask for your understanding that this matter isn′t what I wanted.

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