Updating fireplace ideas

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Just be sure the paper is far enough away from the fireplace opening to meet all necessary fire safety codes. Brenna of Paper Ink shared this genius idea with us (and even went on Martha Stewart’s show to demonstrate! Brenna used cardboard to create faux-logs that you can use to fill a non-operational fireplace. DS alum Kate Pruitt shared one of her first DIY projects with us back in 2008 when she gave her (non-functioning) fireplace a DIY makeover. Emma Cassi’s bedroom fireplace mantel is cozy and beautiful, but doesn’t require logs or ventilation.If you have a mantel, but your fireplace is no longer in operation, try using foam core and wallpaper to cover less-than-stunning tile or materials you’d rather streamline with a clean, modern look. You can easily create the look and feel of a fireplace in your home (this is great for renters – just lean it up against the wall) by finding a great vintage or antique mantel online.“There are a lot of options, especially in the last five years,” says Jackson.“There are some new fun things with wood stoves: it used to be they were either super hot, or off and cold.“The gas fireplaces and gas inserts have trend-wise come further in aesthetics, and they have more options,” says Jackson.“Direct vent fireplaces now have a full function remote control that changes the blower and the flame from a hand-held remote.

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After cleaning the tile I gave it a final ‘rinse’ and wiped it down with a slightly wet cloth (with just water, no soap) and let it air dry. Tape around the entire tile with the painter’s tape. The brushes I used are artist brushes because I love how much control I had with applying the paint with them! I also really love how my mantel decor absolutely pops now with the entire fireplace painted out in white. My next project is to paint some bathroom accent tile using this same method – I’ll let you know how that goes! I usually use household paint brushes for these types of interior paint projects but the flat artist brushes were the perfect size and shape for applying the tile paint! It’s fresh, bright and I love the white against our gray wall color and the black fireplace insert! The fireplace blah beige tile surround got a paint makeover last month too – here’s how I did it, with no sanding and in just 3 steps! : First let’s look at the before: Boring and blah tile. – White Tile paint – this tile paint is a water based primer sealer. (I purchased it at Home Depot about .00 for a quart) – Painter’s tape for delicate surfaces (so it doesn’t remove the paint from the metal fireplace insert) – Paint brushes – a 1.5 inch flat paint brush and a 1/4 inch flat paint brush.

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