Updating windows without windows genuine advantage

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After downloading files from the remaining four sites, I submitted them to Virustotal.com, where three of the four samples came back positive for nasty, difficult-to-remove Windows 7 rootkits.Here's one example: And that experience is borne out by at least one real-world experience, which was reported, ironically, in the Talkback section of this blog.The single file is small (less than 7MB), and the UI is simple: After clicking the Remove WAT button and rebooting, I noticed a subtle but significant change in the System properties dialog box.

Follow below simple steps to remove WGA component from your computer. You can see manually for WGA files or Click Search for files or folders option in left side shows that in below screenshot. Then only your computer will be free from virus and your details will be safe.

I then looked at two widely distributed tools that work in completely different ways.

Page 2: Disabling Windows activation completely A clever little tool called Remove WAT not only disables Microsoft's activation subsystem, it also installs the latest anti-piracy update from Microsoft and then disables it, too!

When you update Windows, Microsoft will install Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA). Even if you see any other file with Wga word, delete them. If you install updates, there is chance that Microsoft will install WGA update one more time and you will get error message one more time.

It is an update created by Microsoft to validate your Windows license. You are seeing “ error message, because knowingly or unknowingly you have installed WGA update. Now follow same step 2 procedure to delete Wga files from C/Windows/System32/dllcache folder. To solve this problem you need to turn off updates. To do that, You can check “Turn off automatic updates” so that you will not get any updates and you will not get WGA update. When you see WGA update, you should not install them. When you follow above methods properly, you will not see any error in the future. Remember, Always hackers attack older versions of OS and software on your computer to place malware and to hack your details.

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